Friday, May 02, 2008


attention to fazi!!!

wei camne kau record ko nye material2 tu??ko guna software ape a...aku try link kat banyak software dah tapi bila aku record bunyi jadi cam taik...kluar buni cam mono je...bagi tau aku software ape ko guna ok...chow...and kalau boleh a...hantar aku ko nye material via email...kalau lagi bagus ko boleh hantar track by track....hahahaha

interjack the legend


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hehehe got myself my first lomography camera from a joint purchased with lomokids and the's a fisheye2 to be exact...i've always love photography especially lomography...can't wait actually for the pictures to be developed to see the outcome of it...been stocking quite a few of slide films from various brands...since the colors from a slide films is rather sharp and more vivid (thats what i've been told) the more expired it is the more unexpectable the colour is...different types of brand will produce diff color scheme...hahahaha i know because i've been dong some researched through the net...i'm a camera freak right now doubt that DSLR are more cool and in trend but film camera has more soul to it...hahahaha...reasons coming out from a jealous point of view actually...but the DSLR can my focus are more on fisheye2 and if the resources are there, might consider getting a Lomo Smena...once i've developed the films, i'll post it here...for more information on what i'm rambling about click here lomography


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

support our local music scene!!!

as some of u know, butterfingers have released their newest single on youtube called 1000 tahun...personally i think the have done it again...simply stunning!!!i really like the lyrics, so sincere and full of meaning...and the melody is more of a ethnic blend which somehow seems right ...loque dah rambut pendek tuuu...good for him...before this he looks like a fat gorilla....hahahaa!!!

the clip...enjoy!!!

anybody home???

hahahahhahahaa wei lame gile sial aku tak post...dah dekat 2 tahun tuuu...and selama itu lah aku tak pernah masuk studio tuk jam...huhuhhu...bile nak jam ni??...where the hell are you guys???everyone seems busy orchestrating their life nowadays...yaala time fly so fast...i can still remember those day where we where young and muda belia...sikit2 jamm...sikit2 everything has change....ade yg dah ber-anak, busy ngan kerje lah...mana korang nye semangat interjack-ism...takkan dah padam kot...common guys lets organize a jamm session just like the old days!!!reminiscing the days!!!

and from now onwards , i'll keep updating this blog walaupun takde orang baca hahahahaha...

rock on mates!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buttefingers 1.2 showcase....

wooohoooo on the 25th me, b and nyoop went to hartamas for the butterfingger 1.2 showcase gig...and yes its been ages since i last went to a gig except for rock the world once a year which i have never miss since it started way back in was really fun hanging out while listening butterfingers playing live...i think this is their first time performing live since emmett came back from abroad..pity that loque cant be here too...i had notice that the crowd was far2 diff compared to old days...too much posers!!!neways it was a night filled with excitement...there are some pics below for those who cant make it courtesy of!!!i know we had..hahahaha!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


it as been awhile since my last visit to this blog...been quite busy this couple of months...with tons of never ending workloads and shits...spending syawal this year is a lil bit weird since this is my the first raya where i didnt balik kampung...just sucks!!!raya aside...well this past few monhs have been really interesting for me...yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa....i've officially marked my name in d malaysian motorsports scene....10th of September is a date that i'll never forget in my effort to pursue my dream of becomming a race car driver...i repeat RACE CAR DRIVER...hahahahaha...the event was Grass Racing Autosport Rnd 3...which is basically a car park rally /gymkhanna or autocross some people might call...i've gain a lot of usefull knowledge in this event...all i can say is i did quite ok lah since it was my first time entering such events...but sadly i have to miss out the next run which is on d 19th of Nov due to my final, my car is currently having problems with the driveshafts...another thing is i need a good set of tyres!!!now i know why tyre companies struggle to come up with a good's one of the most important factor in car racings...there's no point having a powerfull car when u dont have traction during corners and exiting it...just wait till i have my hands on these Yokohama Advan Neova tyres hahahaha...neways, i have a great time and gain precious experience...and remember, i'll be back or sure!!!
enjoy some of this picture!!!!me signing off.....
damn my writting sucks!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

acrobatic action...

one phare:hurts like hell!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

happily ever after....

i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our dear friend FAZI (fussyasam) and his wife to be DU'A....may u guys live happily ever after just like the fairytales...生きているその後ずっと!!幸福にかもしれない! !!!هل انت تعيش في سعاده وهناء بعد! ! ! pouvez vous de phase heureusement toujours ensuite ! ! ! kannst du Phasen glücklich überhaupt nachher!!! 你可以快乐地生活下去! ! ! hehehehehe!!!!!